Working with Christopher was such a wonderful experience. I would recommend him to anyone. Christopher works with a high level of professionalism, yet treats you like he would a friend or family member. We have worked with Christopher twice now, and both experiences have been so refreshing and positive. One of the things I like most about him is the way he treats each client with respect. He helps to understand your needs, no matter what your circumstance and that makes him so easy to work with. Our children were very much a part of our home search, and Christopher never blinked an eye; welcoming them to each of our visits. It made us feel so comfortable to work with someone that understood the needs of our family and worked tirelessly to help us find our home. Christopher would show up with a smile on his face, and no matter how long our process took or how many bumps were in the road, he never became agitated or frustrated. He made our needs his priority. Christopher goes above and beyond, we saw this first hand in the small gestures like, surprises for our kids or the offer to pick me up to see a house when my car was in the shop. He was willing to go the extra mile and we could tell it was really just in his nature – it is hard to find that in a realtor. We can not thank Christopher enough for his dedication and for making our family always feel like we were a top priority, for him it’s about the client.

— Elizabeth N.